In each country where we, as Azerinsaatservis LLC., carry out activities, rendering service to the society creating a working environment for our Company and leaving a permanent mark by having a share in the development of the society form the basis of our social responsibility policy. Our Company lays special emphasis on projects related to the development of society, bringing up a healthy young generation and preserving historical heritage.

Please send the detailed information about your request for participating in the projects serving to the above mentioned objectives to the e-mail address


Grand to the ADA Foundation:

On October 2009, Azerinsaatservis LLC. signed a Grand contract with the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) Foundation. Pursuant to the contract, Azerinsaatservis LLC made a donation equal to US$ 500.000 to the ADA Foundation for supporting education. The ADA Foundation ( is an organization providing charity and educational support in order to organize educational activities and realizing educational programs for the purpose of training young and educated staff to the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy . The ADA carries out programs for training educated staff predominantly in international relations and diplomacy in Azerbaijan, USA and other countries.